Virtual Dog Training

Are you struggling to find a local trainer who can really help you and use positive reinforcement/relationship based methods?

Do you find it difficult to find the time to get to a training class or private lesson that fits your schedule?

Our professional trainers would love to work with you virtually to ensure the training time fits your schedule and methods are in alignment with your desire to use positive reinforcement.

What can we help you with:

*Reduce potty accidents in the house

*Build consistent compliance, obedience and manners

*Teach your dog how to appropriately greet guests

*Eliminate counter surfing

*Have fun teaching silly tricks to entertain guests

*& more!

You can choose to start with one hour of coaching or a package of six (three months worth of training together). You will meet with your instructor on video calls (through to offer coaching and support.

$50 for 30-minutes

$100 for 60-minutes

$570 for six 60-minute sessions

Do you have questions? Please contact us.