You never want to imagine or even think about being in an accident with your beloved dog along for the ride.  How do you have your dog ride: in a crate, loose, bucked in with a harness?

I would have NEVER imagined getting into an accident while headed to a class with my dog.  Yet it happened in a big way!  I was hit by another vehicle that caused me to skid and flip multiple times.  I’m incredibly thankful I had invested in Ruff Land Kennels almost 5 months earlier.  That decision kept my dog Norby safe during the accident.

I share my story (get out the tissue) to help you see how important it is to keep your dog safe.  You never know when you could be in an accident.

If you want to have a similar set-up for your dogs, please watch this next video to see how I set-up my 4Runner with Ruff Land Kennels.

If you have any questions about setting up your vehicle, please email me: