Is your dog jumping on guests? Counter surfing? Not coming when called? Pulling on the leash? Then you are in the right place!


Is your dog pulling on leash?  Are they jumping all over your guests?  Do you struggle getting them to come when called?  Then our Manners class is the perfect fit!  In this class your instructor will coach you through skills such as: loose leash walking, calming waiting, polite greeting, sit and down stay, and more.  Teaching your dog what to do will provide more compliance and less frustration for you both.  This is a 6-week class that meets for one hour each week.  It is designed for dogs 12 months and older (or graduates from Puppy or Adolescent Pup class).  Students with newly adopted dogs who are new to training or dogs who need to brush up on their manners are a great fit to attend this class. *Dogs should be people and dog friendly. If not, please see Stress City page.

Six weeks/ Fee: $200

Impulse Control

Does your dog have difficulty controlling himself around food, people, other dogs, or toys? This class is designed to help your dog learn that controlling his impulses pays off! Behaviors covered in this class include: counter surfing, strengthening leave it, ignoring food, working around people, and more!  Prerequisites: Puppy, Adolescent Pup, Manners or equivalent. 
*Dogs should be people and dog friendly. If not, please see Stress City page.

Four weeks course.  Fee: $170

Therapy Dog Class

Does your dog adore being pet by strangers?  Does your dog enjoy visiting new places?  Do you enjoy sharing your time with people who need support?  Then you may be a great candidate for our Therapy Dog program.  In this 6-week class we prepare you for the Therapy Dogs InternationalHappy Tailsand Pet Partnersassessment.  You will fine tune skills like polite greeting, loose leash walking, stay, leave-it, and more!  Your dog should be social with people and friendly around new dogs.  We will meet with you after registering to ensure this is a good fit for you and your dog.  Pre requisites: Completed Adolescent Pup, Manners or equivalent. 

Six week course. Fee: $180

Hound on the Town

Ready to leave Canine Country and take your skills on the road??  Out on the Town is a real-life, off-site course where you can work on good social skills with your dog in a public setting to proof those good behaviors!  Participants will practice loose leash walking, attention, polite greeting and relaxation exercises with their dog in downtown public areas.  This course meets for four weeks at various locations around town for one hour each week.  (Pre-requisite: dogs must be people and dog-friendly and must have completed a Puppy or Manners class.)

Four week course. Fee: $170


If you have questions, please call us at 678-979-2016 or Contact Us.