Board and Train

Do you need help jump starting your puppy’s manners? Are you going on vacation and worried your training will suffer because of it? Board and train is a great way to teach new behaviors and help reinforce behaviors that your puppy may lose with regular boarding.

Our board and train program is positive reinforcement based, and it’s fear, force, and pain free. Your puppy will stay in the home of a trainer and get regular training, socialization, and walks. 

Puppies must be 7 months or younger and meet with our trainer for a 30 minute consult to determine if they are a candidate. Puppies will need to be comfortable crating at bed time. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit required before consult.***

We require a minimum of 3 days to ensure your puppy has settled and receives multiple training sessions. A follow up in-home transfer session is included in 5 or more board and train packages. For any package less than 5 there is an additional fee of $150 for in-home transfer session. The follow up transfer session will help you understand what your puppy has learned and teach you how to get the same behaviors consistently.

During your puppy’s stay you will receive pictures, videos, and notes through email, text, or Whatsapp. 

Board and train is a jump start or refresher, not a quick fix. Without compliance and work at home afterwards you will not see progress. 

$150 a day

*Some exceptions may apply

If you have questions, please call us at 678-979-2016 or Contact Us.