Multi-Dog Workshop

If you have two or more dogs, you know there are unique challenges that require management and training. You, like us, may not have realized this prior to adding the second or third dog.

In this two-part workshop, we will teach you and your dog how to live together with more skills, less stress, and more enjoyment.

You will learn how to:

call your dogs to come as a group

– take turns without stress during training

– hand out treats without chaos

– group waits and stays for doorways, crating, and photos

Working spots: 2 dogs per registration $200 (limited to 4 teams)

Audit spots: $75 (no dogs, but learn you can teach them at home)

Working Spot criteria:

1. Dogs MUST be comfortable: around other dogs, around new people, can crate quietly

2. No behavior concerns such as resource guarding, separation anxiety, reactivity/fear

3. Have three or more solid skills such as: sit, down, touch, or simple tricks

4. Can attend all of each day’s session

5. Have two dogs 🤣

Multi-Dog Household Workshop (2-parts)

Saturday, April 15th at 4pm – 6pm AND Sunday, April 16th at 2pm to 4pm