Mental Enrichment for Dogs

Your dog needs both physical and mental exercise daily. When you cannot get them physical exercise you can add in more more mental exercise and enrichment. This can be done through training new skills as well as food puzzles. Food puzzles can be simple or complicated. They can be used at meal time or for snacks when your dog needs an outlet and you need a moment to yourself.

Most of these options should be supervised when in use since they can be destroyed or become a choking hazard. Even for items that may be okay without supervision, we recommend you watch the first few times to ensure safety.

For those who have multiple dogs, we recommend giving each dog their own space to enjoy working on puzzles and mental enrichment activities. These can become items to resource guard from another dog.

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OutWard Hound Fun Feeder

Nina Ottosson Wooden Dog

Licki Mat

Snuffle Mat by Corgi Nation (local company)

Snuffle Activity Mat

AWOOF Snuffle Mat


Twist N’ Treat (medium)*    Twist N’ Treat (small)*

Kong Classic – puppy*, red*, black*, senior

Atomic Treat Ball 3” or 5”*

Outward Hound Paw Flapper*

Outward Hound Kibble Drop*


Kong Wobbler (small and large)

Nina Ottosson Dog Casino

Trixie Puzzle Move 2 Win (Level 2)

Nina Ottosson/Outward Hound Dog Worker Puzzle

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