Victoria McCarthy-Cruse

Dog Trainer

Victoria has always loved animals big and small. She gained an interest in animal behavior while in college and studied the subject whenever possible. Upon getting her lab, Eve, she started doing training classes and fell in love with dog training overall.  She was originally a student of CCA who decided she wanted to be more involved in the community after enjoying our classes and seminars with Eve. She became one of our administrative assistants joined the team and ultimately decided to enter our apprenticeship program. After completing the apprenticeship she decided to stay on as a member of the team.

She enjoys dog sports and competes in conformation and Scent Work, among others, with her Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Gigi! She loves to connect with a variety of dogs and owners and help encourage a great relationship between humans and their animal companions! She strives to always continue learning and growing as a trainer and someone who lives and works with dogs.