Kathy Lalani

Dog Trainer

Kathy Lalani has always had a love for dogs. Before she started her journey as a dog trainer, she was a school psychologist and then a stay-at-home mom to two children. When she saw the apprenticeship program offered by Canine Country Academy, she jumped at the chance to attend their weekend seminar. At the end of the seminar, she knew that she wanted to learn CCA’s training philosophy. Part of what drew her to sign up was because so much of the CCA’s philosophy ran parallel with the encouraging, positive mind-frame of school psychology.

Kathy has two large dogs and has been extremely excited to apply all that she has learned. Her dog, Ducky, is a laid-back character who would rather get some days off from his younger, much more energetic sister, Bunny. Kathy’s passion for learning all about dog training and behavior stems from her desire to help people form happy, positive relationships with their dogs. She continues to study and learn as much as she can about dog behavior in order to pass on the knowledge to anyone who may need it.