CM Bryson Photography

We love photos of our dogs.  Our friend Courtney captures our dog’s special personality through her professional photography sessions.  She offers quarterly events at CCA in Lawrenceville and you can book her for private photo sessions.

Courtney is knowledgeable in dog behavior to ensure even the shyest dog gets a great photo with the least amount of stress.

Website: CM Bryson Photography

ScratchPad – Nail File for Dogs

We want our dogs to have low-stress experiences when it comes to nail care.  Our friends at ScratchPad have created an amazing product you can use to teach them how to file their own nails!  How cool is that?!

Jennifer Fleming is a smart dog business owner and a wonderful dog mom, too.

We partnered with ScratchPad for some tutorial videos for front and back nail care with their product.

Website: ScratchPad – Nail File for Dogs

 10% OFF use code: caninecountry


Rising Star K9 – Rehabilitation & Consulting

We adore Lisa who provides physical therapy and rehabilitation for our own dogs as well as our client dogs.  She knows how to assess a dog in a low-stress way while assessing their physical needs.  

Having your dog seen by a skilled canine physical therapist can help prevent injury for the sport dog, know where your puppy may need support, and help you care for an aging dog.

Website: Rising Star K9

The Dog Masseuse

Our dogs feel extra relaxed being around Arlene.  She is a skilled massage therapist for dogs who need some extra TLC, sport dogs, and to keep them feeling young.  Her energy and knowledge help the dogs feel safe being touched by her.  Arlene is great at reading dogs to ensure they have the best massage experience.

Website: The Dog Masseuse

Pix2Go Studios

You may recognize this face from Nose Work trials.  Scott is a great photographer and videographer we highly recommend.  He started doing our holiday photos until Nose Work trials starting requesting him in high demand.  He is great with more sensitive dogs in capturing that precious moment.

Website: Pix2go Studios

Claire the Groomer

We are so thankful for a groomer like Claire.  She helps us with the more sensitive grooming cases to ensure the training we do is improved by her very force-free kind grooming approach.  She wants to make sure all dogs in her care are having the best time possible while still being beautifully groomed.  

She works out of VCA Falcon Village in Suwanee.  

Website: VCA Falcon Village

Phone: (770) 962-8326