Stress City

Reactive Dog

Are you embarrassed taking your dog out with you to public places?Does your dog seem to lose his/her mind when seeing another dog, person or other trigger? Is your dog suffering from leash frustration? Then this is the class for you! This course will help you gain confidence, better leash handling skills and your dog will learn better manners and coping skills when seeing dogs or people that seem to set them off. You will take home valuable training tools to help you and your dog have a less stressful experience when out and about.  (Pre-requisite: dogs will be pre-screened before acceptance into this class).  Please note: we only take a maximum of 4 dogs for this course.  Six weeks/ Fee: $180

Shy Dog

Is your dog shy or fearful or gets worried or anxious about people, dogs or other environmental stimuli? Boost your dog’s confidence and help him overcome his fear in this wonderful course!  You will learn valuable tools to help your shy dog in new situations and this class will give your canine companion a wonderful opportunity to blossom into a more confident dog.  A variety of positive and force free techniques will be incorporated into this course to help your dog learn that the world does not have to be a scary place!  Age range: all ages  Please note we only take a maximum of 4 dogs in this class.  Six weeks/ Fee: $180

Without Force or Fear Vet Care

Dogs tend to find basic vet care and vet visits stressful (as do their owners). If you would like to prevent such stress and/or change how your dog feels about vet visits, this is the group class for you! This class will focus on reducing fear or force when getting vaccinations, getting on the scale, being muzzled, positive handling/physical exam, brushing teeth and more. Pre requisite: dogs must be friendly with people and other dogs.  Six weeks/ Fee: $165

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