Reactive Dog Class

Does your dog bark ferociously at other dogs and/or people?

Does your dog struggle to walk past another dog on your walks?

Are you worried your dog is stressed, lacks confidence, and you are not sure how to help them?

Our Reactive Dog Class is designed for you and your dog’s training and behavior challenges. This 5-week class will teach you how to best support your dog, reduce their reactivity around dogs and/or people, and give you both confidence in your relationship.

Dogs who act out in an aggressive manner (barking, lunging, trying to bite) are most likely reacting out of fear. They lack the confidence and tools to deal with certain situations. Otherwise, these are awesome dogs.  When your dog is struggling it’s hard for others to see them as you do.

This specially designed class puts together confidence building exercises along with tools to teach you and your dog how to best work through these behavior challenges.We utilize kind relationship based training methods with positive reinforcement.  So you can walk with less reactivity, have guests over safely, and enjoy your time with your dog.

The class will meet for 60-minutes each week (first week via Zoom and 4 in-person).  Dogs must be assessed before confirmed for class.

Class Fee: $300

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