“My dog is barking at other dogs on our walk.  His hair on his spine goes up.  It’s really scary!”

“My dog pulls and lunges at dogs on our walk.  It’s really hard to control him.  I’m scared he’s going to attack someone.”

“My dog does not like new people.  It takes him several visits to be comfortable around any of my friends.”

“My dog used to be fine with people when she was a puppy.  Now she tries to jump on them.  She’s even nipped a few people.  I’m not comfortable having people approach or pet her.”

Sadly, the quotes above are not just stories.  They are real people with dogs who have real problems.  Many dogs react by growling, barking, lunging, nipping and biting towards dogs or people.  Dogs who react aggressively in this way are likely behaving out of fear.  Does that surprise you?  Meet our friends Jennifer and her dog Nugget.  Nugget had been reacting to dogs AND people when we first met.

We at Canine Country Academy specialize in working with fearful dogs who act out aggressively.  With the use of relationship based training through positive reinforcement, we help dogs develop coping skills while helping their caregivers understand how to set them up for success. Some dogs are even able to reduce their fear to a point they can happily interact with things they once found scary!

Do you want to experience having a less fearful dog that you feel more comfortable taking out in public or having people to your home?  Take the first step in joining our program to see if it is a good fit by completing this brief survey: Let’s Get Started

Once you have completed the survey we will reach out to send you an invite to our introductory session (held every two months) and set-up an in-person assessment at our Lawrenceville training facility.  This 30-minute assessment will determine if your dog is a good fit for the program.   The introductory session is a 2-hour human only session to get you started on the path to a less reactive dog (one time fee $200 for assessment and lecture, can be applied towards your desired program).

Our all inclusive program was designed to provide maximum support for both the caregivers and their dog who reacts out of fear.

While we wish a fearful dog could be completely healed in a 90-minute session or a 6-week class, we know it takes months (if not years) to really help these dogs long term.  Each dog is an individual.  They, along with their caregivers, will need time to process, build on, and practice skills taught through this program.

What does the reactive dog program include?  We are glad you asked!

  • 1-hour private coaching sessions with a qualified behavior consultant at our Lawrenceville facility each month
  • Detailed homework notes from your monthly private coaching
  • Four 1-hour group class modules per month focusing on: skills specific to their triggers, manners, scent work, agility and more!
  • Unlimited phone and email correspondence with our qualified behavior consultants.
  • Access to a private Facebook group for those in the program.

6 month package   $2,400

12 month package  $4,200  **save $600 by committing to 12-months

    Payment plans available.  We want you to get lasting positive results.

***Limited to 8 dogs in the program.