The best place to set your new puppy up for success! This foundational puppy course covers basic obedience commands such as SIT, DOWN, COME, LEASH WALKING, RECALL, GOOD HANDLING SKILLS, DROP IT and more, and provides good socialization with other puppies.  You and your puppy will also learn how to navigate through other behavioral issues like housebreaking, jumping and chewing.  Age range: 2 1/2  to 5 months of age
Six weeks / Fee:$135

Adolescent Pup

Your teenage puppy is growing quickly and you want to work on those important age appropriate manners! In this class, puppies and their owners will focus on skills such as LEAVE-IT, WAIT AT THE DOOR, SIT, DOWN, LOOSE LEASH WALKING, STAY, POLITE GREETING and MORE while slowly introducing more distractions. This class will also help students navigate through the challenges of living with an adolescent puppy behavior changes. The class is designed for 6 to 11 month old puppies who have completed our Puppy class or are just getting started in training.  Six weeks / Fee:$140

Puppy Agility Fun

Are you looking forward to getting your puppy into the sport of Agility, but they are too young to really get started?  Or maybe you are looking for a way to burn off extra energy while having fun with your puppy?  This fun class is designed to get your puppy moving, learning some foundational agility skills appropriate for your puppies age and continue their socialization.  The puppies will be working on various pieces of equipment kept at low impact levels to prevent injury.  Age range: under 12 months.  Pre-requisite: puppies who have completed Puppy 101 at CCA or Puppy class elsewhere
Six weeks / Fee: $140.00