Manners 101

Join this essential beginner obedience/manners class for dogs 12 months and older (or graduates of Puppy 101 or 201)! Your dog will learn: SIT, DOWN, LOOSE LEASH WALKING, WAIT TO BE FED, WAIT AT THE DOOR, POLITE GREETING, STAY and more! Students with newly adopted dogs who are new to training and dogs that need to brush up on skills, as well as those pursuing therapy dog goals, will benefit from this progressive obedience class. Age range: 12 months and older Six weeks/ Fee: $150

Manners 201

Are you ready to take your dog’s manners and impulse control skills to the next level? The Manners 201 class is a great follow-up to our Manners 101 class by focusing on additional challenges and skills such as: Walking Past Another Dog, Walking through a Crowd, Supervised Separation, Handling/Grooming, Polite Greeting and more! Prerequisite: Manners 101 Six weeks/ Fee: $155

Connection, Cooperation & Control

Do you wish your dog had better leash walking manners or do they only listen to you at home? The Connection, Cooperation & Control (CCC) system can help you create the kind of connection and cooperation you want with your dog. Founded on the principles of Suzanne Clothier‘s Relationship Centered Training, CCC helps you create mutual connection with your dog, while you also develop cheerful cooperation. The CCC course focuses on the ingredients that create a strong relationship, like handler body language and intent, teaching dogs how to ask permission before dashing off or dragging you around. Best of all, this training system offers the opportunity to train the way real life happens without a bait bag or treats in the handler’s pocket! Check out a Before & After video: Click Here.
For dogs four months and up.  Prerequisite: Sit or Down/Stay is recommended, not required.  Six weeks/Fee:$170

Fun & Games

Are you and your pup looking for a great class to help work on polishing every day skills in an environment around other dogs? These classes are 1 hour drop in sessions, and work on skills such as Loose Leash Walking, Stay, Handler Focus, and having fun using Suzanne Clothier’s Relationship Centered Training games! Prerequisites: Puppy, Manners, or Connection, Cooperation & Control. Dogs must be people and dog social.  1-hour session/Fee: $25