Dog Sports

AKC Rally Obedience (Intro & Foundation)

Rally obedience is a fun and controlled low impact dog sport, combining teamwork with dog and handler with challenging obedience coursework. This class will prepare dogs and owners to compete in Rally competition, or owners and their dogs can just have fun learning more obedience commands and building teamwork with their dog. Pre-requisite: Puppy, Adolescent Pup or Manners 

Six week class fee $155

AKC Rally Obedience (Coursework & Beyond Novice Signs)

Are you serious about competing in AKC or UKC Rally Obedience? This course is a competition prep course incorporating different levels of coursework to challenge and prepare you and your dog for Rally trials.
Pre-requisite: Rally Intro & Foundation course.

Six week class fee $165

Puppy Conformation/Handling Class

Do you have a puppy who you want to show in conformation? Do you want to get started using positive reinforcement methods to make showing fun for you and your puppy? Our 4 week puppy conformation class is for you! Teach the basics to your puppy along with socialization with people and a ring-like environment. We will work on exam, gaiting, and stacking without force, pain, or fear. Our puppy conformation class is for puppies 9 months and under.

Four week class fee $100

Drop-In One Hour lesson $30

Clicks for Tricks

Who is ready to Click for a Trick? This is a fun clicker based Tricks class jammed with lots of fun learning for your dog! The course is tailored to work both on standard dog tricks as well as new tricks you would like to teach your dog. There is no better way to mentally stimulate your dog than to teach them some new tricks! Age range: all ages

Six week class fee $160

Agility Fun

Let the games begin! This is a fun class for both owner and dog incorporating strengthening your bond as a team and building confidence in your dog. Your dog will learn how to go over jumps, through tunnels, weave poles and other agility contact obstacles like the A Frame and teeter board. This class will also work on off leash reliable recall skills. Age range: 12 months and older Pre-requisite: Manners or equivalent. *see Puppytown for Puppy Agility

Six week class fee $160

Barn Hunt

A very popular sport sweeping the Nation is barn hunt. In this sport, dogs search out a live rat (protected by a strong PVC tube). They also learn how to tunnel through bails of straw or hay and climb onto the bales. It is a fun sport that lets your dog be a dog. To learn more visit The Barn Hunt Association page.

These classes are held at Rotten Dog Sports Lodge in Braselton, GA with our Barn Hunt Instructor.

Dock Diving and Pool Classes

We have partnered with Rotten Dog Sports Lodge to bring you great classes using their dock diving pool. They have a fully fenced in pool area for group classes, private lessons, and pool rental hours. You can sign up to learn with us or just take your dog for a swim on your own. It’s a great way to do something fun with your dog.

Scent Work Class

Scent Work is an amazing resource to have fun with your dog, boost confidence, give them a job and progress to compete in the sport. We primarily use Scent Work to improve dog behavior. That being said we also are skilled at preparing students for AKC, NACSW, UKC, and Performance Scent Dog competitions.

If you have questions, please call us at 678-979-2016 or Contact Us.

Some of these classes are offered online, please check out for more information.